Book ”Freedom” 
All of us experience complicated thoughts and feelings as we negotiate the day and these feelings can be difficult to manage. Sometimes we are aware that the way we think contributes to our difficulties, but don’t know what to do about it. Would you like to feel more confident and be free from anxiety and fears?  
This book is primarily intended for those who have already started to think about how to change themselves, their lives, what happiness is and how to be happy. This book will help you look at life and what happens in it in a different way. With special psychological exercises that will help you see how thinking and state of consciousness change.

The book is packed with  exercises, each dealing with a different situation, to help you get calm, collected, and balanced. So whenever you start to feel the stress mounting, reach for your Freedom book, find the relevant exercise and instantly make life better!

Here is a free sample and introduction of the first 25 pages of my book ”Freedom”. If you are still interested after reading my work please use the link below to order your own full copy now

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What is inner freedom?

 We all have our own “mental chewing gum” that we are constantly “chewing” – they are our intrusive thoughts, and they infest our mind and devour incredible amounts of energy.

You know deep inside that you can do so much more, that life can be totally different, that it is possible to live another way. But, there is something that stands in the way of all that. Something that keeps us from achieving what you are really capable of achieving. Something that holds you back and encourages you to live in mediocrity.

You do not want to live this way. Chances are, you are looking for a way out, but you can’t seem to find it. Almost like the fly trying to escape your home through a closed, glass window. It goes on and on flying into the glass over and over again.

As it is with the fly, the situations that keep you from getting more out of your lie repeat themselves again and again. Leaving this vicious cycle can seem impossible, and you might even feel like a hamster running in a wheel of reoccurring situations.

We walk around this life with all our childhood traumas: somebody did not love us; somebody did not give us something; somebody did not appreciate us; somebody offended us; we lacked something we really wanted.

Throughout our lives we try to compensate for this childhood deficit. We think that when we grow up, we can freely make decisions and live as we please. However, this is just an illusion.

We are unconsciously trying to create what we lacked in childhood. We live in our own prisons – the prisons we built for ourselves in early childhood – a prison of the mind and of our emotions.

We have the illusion that after reading a self-help book or praying in the evening, we will get rid of the suffering, that we will escape the prison that we have created, that we will get out of the cage that we have put ourselves in.

It is all a delusion!

To get out of this cage, you must know yourself. You need to figure out how to survive your life-experiences.

Unfortunately, humans tend to do the opposite. Instead of learning, growing, and getting over our limitations, we just widen our cage. We try to make living more comfortable, avoiding our fears.

However, escaping reality makes us suffer even more than dealing with the pain, the fear, or the doubt – because we run from ourselves, and the things we do not know about ourselves.

As we live, our subconscious dominates our lives. We live in complete captivity. We have no energy because we give it away to escape the pain of the past.

Getting to know yourself, truly understanding yourself, will help you feel freedom. This freedom will give you the opportunity to stand up and expand your wings. It will give you the opportunity to live your life, to be true to yourself, and to live consciously. It will let you be a person capable of expressing your emotions and your desires. Being true to yourself will give you a sense of resistance.

The entire burden of the past that you wear through life – resentment, anxiety, and fear – is will continue to get heavier and heavier every year, until it is so heavy that you can no longer carry it.

You do not have enough energy to carry it forever.

Why can’t we get rid of this burden that we have put on ourselves?

The answer is simple.

Even though you spend all your energy and power struggling with yourself, you can win this fight can.

The answer is to stop fighting.

You need to stop fighting the things that waste your energy. Instead, you can get to know yourself – all of you. Explore your past, become aware of the things that cause you fear and doubt. Merge them together with the rest of you and find inner peace and Then, in this state of peace – when energy is no longer spent on fighting, constant internal dialogue, resentment, fear, anxiety – you will find unbelievable inner power – the force that has been trying to break out of you – only to be muffled by you all this time.


In this state of inner peace, we can set goals and no longer be afraid to achieve them. We can have inner freedom. We can stop being like the beggars on the street corner asking for appreciation, admiration, and gratitude. We can stop asking for it because we no longer need it. We can heal ourselves, we can put together the lost pieces that, all our life, we tried to deny, to fight, to hide, and not to show anyone.


Most of our actions focus on someone telling us how valuable we are, that we are needed, that we are important, and that our opinion is important. Even more so, we have sought out validation that we are right. How much time have you spent in your life just to prove that you are right?


How many relationships or opportunities have you given up, just to prove that you are right? How much money have you wasted? How many times have you insisted that you are right, not because you needed to be, but just to prove it? How much have you lost due to this need to prove yourself?

You can lose friendships just to prove to everyone, “I am right, not someone else.”

When we begin to realize that it is not important to be right all the time, we will stop playing this role because this game is not necessary for us – it is necessary for our inner child.

How does it happen?

Our subconscious rules over us, only through freedom – through the liberation of our subconscious from the games and the chaos inside us – can we live. When we are unaware of the processes that are happening inside us, we feel as if we are in captivity. This is why we do not have the power to overcome these feelings and emotions!

By reading this book from cover to cover, using all the practical exercises that I have included, you will gradually begin to regain the power that you have suppressed with various limitations and prohibitions.




Gunta Millere Par kursu Book

Thank you for this wonderful book. I often think about all my major life events, but I could not figure out how to react to them. In this book, with such easy exercise you showed me how to release my emotional pain. I am really happy about this book. Thank you very much.

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Mairita Berzina Par kursu Book

Thank you for this wonderful book. While I was reading, I took pauses to make connections with my life events. I think this book is a gift to anyone who chooses to change his life. I can read and read and every time will find something new for me. This is a real book on the way to your inner world, helping us move to a new standard of living. The content of the book opens the door to new ways to deal with events in your life, how to make contact with other people, how to heal and be healthy, and how to feel happy and to fulfil yourself with energy for life. The book helps us understand and see ourselves differently then what our parents raised up and what we were taught at school. The given exercises help to become true to yourself, to accept yourself. Start living more consciously. I already recommend that your friends read and think about it this book. I wish you success and continue this format – in the form of a book, sharing your knowledge and experience.

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Kristine Brauzka – Niezere Par kursu Book

I have read a lot of self-help books int the past, and this book is very different. I made sure to read it slowly to let every single word go through me so I could understand everything. Your writing is direct, light, and honest. The information in this book is written in a very understandable style. I haven’t found the Information in this book in other books. This book is not just for entertainment, it is a book that you have to study. It’s a learning book about the life. Love it.

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