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Recall Healing – unlocking the secrets of illness, we work at “Identifying and solving the emotional trauma behind the condition or behavior, an important step within the healing process.To accomplish this work, Recall Healing integrates the knowledge drawn from several areas of medical specialization, recognized scientific research and various observations on the plant, animal and human realms. The concept sheds light and understanding on the normal functioning of a living creature, how it becomes ill and how it is possible for it to regain health and well being.

Recall Healing is not a panacea and does not pretend to make miracles; but when this work with Recall Healing is well done, it helps the person to “shift” toward a new viewpoint which contributes to optimize the healing process. All symptoms are the symbolic transposition of adaptation of a conflictual moment, which find its meaning in the function of the affected organ.

The body has a survival logic.
Disease gives some extra time to survive.
It allows us to adapt to a moment that is no more and this extends our survival and satisfies our biological needs.


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