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My name is Iluta Repule and I am a practicing Psychologist from Latvia. My native language is Latvian, however, I am also fluent in English and Russian. It took me a long time to become a Psychologist – I was 32 years old when I started studying. Psychology has always been something I have been interested in, since the early stages of my life. Obviously, I do not have any transcendent capacities, however, I do have a natural ability to be able to feel people’s emotions.

I just felt….

During my childhood, I noticed that I was very sensitive to human emotions. I tried to understand people by studying and observing their moods. I felt this natural ability that I had been given in life was my destiny.



From a young age, I had been searching for my destiny. Throughout my career, I have worked in several different professions, however, none of these have brought me any real satisfaction. I do not regret the knowledge and experience I gained, as it has proved to be very useful in my personal and working life.

When I was thirty years old I personally sank into a deep depression, I suffered from panic and anxiety attacks. I later came to realise that these psychological issues were for a reason, which I am now grateful for, as they helped me decide what I needed to do in life.

My lack of understanding of human factors influenced me to research this area more and more. I read books, attended training courses, seminars, tutorial groups and webinars.

Illness is not the enemy

I began to study the psychological causes of various diseases. It became evident to me that the root of every illness (including weight gain) was psychological conflict. Each sickness stems from a chain of emotional trauma, one we are not normally aware of, which will later lead to the disease manifesting itself.

I received training from Renaud Gilbert, the author of “Recall Healing”. This enabled me to become a specialist in this field. Recall Healing is identifying and solving the emotional trauma behind the condition or behaviour – an important step within the healing process.

My path in life

For many years I wished I could sleep peacefully at night without any anxiety and wake up in the morning feeling completely recuperated looking forward to a new day ahead….and it happened!

I started to understand that I was on the right path in my life – the path that was destined for me. Now I am here and,  as my experience and knowledge grows, it confirms to me that I did, in fact, choose the right road in life.

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