Medicine is the art of imitating Natures healing ways.


The symptom occurs in a person. If the person has the symptoms, the person has the connected causal and biological felt sense. Having the felts sense, the person also has the conflict with its whole history, and will undergo the newest event according to his or her limiting beliefs. By the same token, the person has the best possible solution to the problem: his or her own.

If the therapist is master of his technique, then the patient can be the master of his healing. As for me, I have healed only one person: myself. This means that when I burn myself, I am the one who repairs my skin. If one day, I break a bone, I will repair the bone. My biology is intelligent – it won’t make a liver or skin in place of my bone. It is my biology that heals.

As a therapist, I have tools that I learn to master and that I propose to patients. Do they want to use them? How will they use them? That is not under my control. My objectives can be defined as follows: free up meaning and emotion, promote healing, take the evolution – toward happiness, for example – and make it attractive: in fact, make it irresistible, move into a new operational mode, change!

G.Renauld often says to patients: ”You have cancer. There is going to be a death. So act so that’s not you but rather your old way of functioning that ends up dying’‘.  If you have cancer, diabetes, a cold, itching etc it means that something that has led to that, something pre-existing. You have to act so that it’s  that something which dies, which disappears – that way of being in the world. It has to be the anger, the put-down, the sadness etc that’s what has to take it leave, or be transformed, or grow up. A radical change, a turning around, or a conversion is demanded by the biology through the language of symptoms.

Before it enters the biology, before it enters the body or before it becomes a disease, there is a form of thought that we call a belief. The person has a belief, which could be, for example: ”Life is not worth living” or ”Any time there is fire, I am in danger”. There are beliefs that are simple and others that are harder to find. Sometimes they can be very mixed.

At the root of all problems, there is always an event – tied to a family or personal story – and a belief that is independent and continuing.